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Increase Sponsorship Revenue

Add a new sponsor promotion channel by delivering relevant announcements to runners directly within messaging apps they already have on their phone.

You’ll maximize the visibility and reach of your sponsors with perfectly-timed messages, offers, and logo placements, without interrupting runners’ experience.

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Rungage Increase Sponsorship Revenue
Rungage Reach Every Runner

Reach every runner

Provide on-demand support and instant access to race information on platforms runners already use, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

Manage support, FAQs, announcements, race updates and interact with runners through channels they are already active on - no logins, no passwords, no new apps!

Do more in less time

Save hours of time you’d otherwise spend managing race schedule. Create your schedule in 15 minutes and make it available within messaging apps.

Let Rungage handle common and repetitive questions from participants so you can focus on higher-value tasks, and cut support costs.

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Rungage Do more in less time

Answer all questions instantly

A race chatbot is the best way to automatically answer common questions from runners, on-demand.

A race chatbot is available 24/7 and can reply to thousands of questions simultaneously, without your staff getting involved. Your support staff and volunteers will have more time to help participants achieve their goals and to focus on creating memorable race day experience.

Rungage where does the race start
Rungage my first race
Rungage where can i park my car
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Improve with feedback

Get runners’ feedback by sending an embedded follow-up survey directly in their favorite chat platform.

You’ll receive far more answers than you would with a typical online survey and will have more runners’ insights to improve your next event.

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Rungage improve feedback

Make Smarter Decisions with Real-time Event Data

Our Insights dashboard allows you to leverage your event’s data to drive engagement and optimize your running event’s performance.

Rungage tracks different KPIs to provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the engagement level and overall satisfaction of the running event participants.

Painless Setup

Getting started is a breeze! Our technical support team will make sure that setting up your branded event chatbot is fast and easy.

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Essential Standard Pro
Price per event $199 Get started! $1,599 Get started! Let’s talk Contact us!
Organization Size
Team Members Included 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Attendees Included 1000 3000 10000
Additional Attendees $199 / 1000 $189 / 1000 $159 / 1000
Sub events (e.g. 10k, 21k, 42k) 1 2 Unlimited
Additional Sub Events $199 / event
Multiple Events Per Year
Automated response for predefined set of messages
Broadcast messages
Scheduled messages
Conversation Builder
Multiple channels (Web, Messenger, Viber, Telegram)
Live Chat - Fallback to Human
My Results on request
Additional integration
Branding & Customization
Powered by Rungage menu item
Custom welcome messages
Custom Branding
Training new conversational models
Help Docs
Email Support + Live Chat
Quick Onboarding
Onboarding + Training
Live tracking and location sharing App
Map Designer
Essential Standard Pro
$199 $1,599 Let’s talk
Rungage Veroljub Zmijanac

”Rungage is an incredibly useful piece of event technology that helped us automate some of the common support tasks and provided an easy channel for us to send updates to runners and keep them informed about everything that’s happening.”

Veroljub Zmijanac
Director | Belgrade Business Run

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